CTRL+S is the annual almanac of EHU cultural heritage programs. Its name “CTRL+S” – the computer command “save” – ​​is an attempt to break out of semantic clichés, to find a new language for working with heritage that does not ignore the reality of the 21st century. Academic essays are side by side here with interviews, as well as reviews of the latest events.

The publication is intended for researchers, students, as well as all those interested in the problems of preserving cultural heritage.

The first issue of the magazine was published in 2021.

CTRL+S. European heritage. Scientific ed. S. Stureika. – Vilnius: Ciclonas


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The academic annual Tsaytshrift (צייַטשריפֿט) is the only journal dedicated to Jewish studies in Belarus. The first issue was presented at EHU’s Conference “Social Sciences, Humanities and Higher Education in Eastern Europe since 1991” in June 2011The annual addresses research questions specific to Belarusian and Eastern European Jewish studies while situating this scholarship within the broader context of emerging trends in the humanities at the turn of the 21st century. The editorial board considers the annual a continuation of the tradition of Jewish studies established by its forerunner—the earlier Tsaytshrift that was published in Minsk from 1926 to 1931.

The editors hope that Tsaytshrift will inspire and promote Jewish studies in Belarus as well as in other post-Soviet states and Eastern Europe. Contributors include Alexandra Polyan, a research assistant at Moscow State University’s Institute for Asian and African Studies; Velvl Chernin, a Yiddish poet and famous researcher of Yiddish literature who helped with the Yiddish section of the journal; Deborah Yalen, an assistant professor at Colorado State University specializing in Jewish-Russian history who edited the English articles; and Vilma Gradinskaitė, a researcher at the Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum and lecturer at Vilnius University.


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The journal for philosophy and cultural studies Topos has been published since 2000. It explores the intersection of philosophy and cultural studies combining different theoretical and methodological perspectives in discussions of various topical problems arising in the spheres of humanities, social and cultural sciences. The journal accepts materials in Belarusian, Russian and English and is published 2 times a year. It is included in the international electronic database The Philosopher’s Index and EBSCO-CEEAS (Central & Eastern European Academic Source).

Journal can be accessed online.

All issues of the magazine after 2014 and up to the present are available online.


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Crossroads Digest

“Crossroads Digest” is a selection of articles originally pub­lished in Russian in “Crossroads Quarterly”. “Crossroads Quarterly” is a transdisciplinary scientific journal de­voted to political, social, and cultural transformations in the Eastern European borderland (Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine). The main objectives of the publication are: assistance to conceptual and methodological renewal of academic research in the region, initiation of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary dialog, and support for representation of regional, na­tional, and local academic schools and traditions.


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Crossroads Digest


The scholarly quarterly Crossroads has been published by EHU’s Center for Advanced Studies and Education (CASE) since 2004 to provide a multi-discip linary publication dedicated to the political and socio-cultural issues of Central Eastern European borderlands. Crossroads is unique in presenting innovative research strategies within an interdisciplinary and inter-regional approach.


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Women in politics: new approaches to the political

The Center for Gender Studies publishes a feminist almanac called Women in Politics: New Approaches to the Political. It approaches contemporary political issues in Belarus and post-Soviet states from the perspective of feminist criticism. The almanac targets political and social activists and also speaks to a generation of emerging scholars interested in political, social, and cultural concerns related to women’s participation in political movements in Belarus and gender studies more broadly.

At present, Women in Politics is the only Belarusian periodical that openly discusses issues related to gender, power, politics, and culture. The publication, dedicated to the complex dynamics of politics and gender, seeks to fill this gap and to offer critical analyses of current events in Belarusian society and other post-Soviet countries. It focuses on the problems of women’s participation in political and public life of Belarus as well as the ongoing post-socialist transition in this country.

The working languages of the almanac are Russian and Belarusian; some articles are also available in English. The almanac was conceived by Olga Karatch, is coordinated by Evgenia Ivanova, and edited by Ivanova and Alexander Pershái. For more information, click here.

Women in politics: new approaches to the political

Belarusian Historical Review

The Belarusian Historical Review was founded in 1994 as an alternative to existing scientific publications in the fields of Belarusian history, historiography, and methodology of historical research. The Belarusian Historical Review has been publishing new historical sources and materials, articles on Belarusian history, essays on historiography and other aspects of historical science, interviews, discussions, book-reviews, and information about scientific life in Belarus and Europe.

Belarusian Historical Review

Journal of constitutionalism and human rights

The journal aims to identify key contemporary legal issues related to constitutionalism and human rights, analyze problems related to the implementation of legal norms, and address the specifics of teaching law in Eastern Europe and the implementation of the EU’s Eastern Partnership initiative. It will have a special focus on the processes taking place in the region stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea (“Baltic-Black Sea Intermarum”), Russia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Journal of  constitutionalism and human rights