Who are we and what we do?

EHU Debate Union is a community of students, faculty, and staff committed to promoting the dialogue, debate at University, in the local community, and across the world. EHU Debate Union was founded in 2017 by groups of students Diana Planida and Bruno Tanda with support of EHU Student Service (Anastasiya Radzionava) and Bard college (USA).

Since April 2018 Mariia Laktionkina began to coordinate EHU Debate Union.

The students and faculty of our university were invited to cooperate with Bard Network Debate and then in 2020 with OSUN Global Debate.

What we do?

  • We do weekly meetings/workshops.
  • We participate in tournaments (France, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Netherlands, Russia, Kirgizstan etc.).
  • We participate and organize additional advanced training sessions and the opportunity to speak with and learn from some of the top debaters in the OSUN Global Debate Network.
  • We organize regular public debates on topical issues with high-profile guest speakers.
  • We developed and implemented Debate in the classroom in curricula.

ЕHU Debate Union Schedule

  • Weekly meetings (RU, BY, EN), 6:30 pm (Vilnius time) October 22, November 5, 19, December 3, 17, February 4, 11, 18, 25.
  • Workshops with Pavel Tereshchenko (RU),6:30 pm (Vilnius time) October 29, November 12, 26, and December 10.
  • OSUN Global Debate Network – Student Debate (EN), 4:00 pm (Vilnius time) October 27, November 10, November 24, December 8 to be updated…
  • Debate in the classroom. Maria Laktionkina, Workshop “Writing a Position Papers”, (RU), November 15.
  • March 22, 19;00 offline game.
  • March 26, 14:30 online training L&J.
  • March 29, 18:00 offline game.
  • April, 14:30 online training L&J.
  • April 5, 18:00 offline game.
  • April 9, 14:30 online training L&J.
  • April 12, 18:00 offline game.
  • April 16, 14:30 online training L&J.
  • April 19, 18:00 offline game.
  • April 26, 18:00 offline game.
  • April 30, 14:30 online training L&J.
  • To be updated.

Useful Links

EHU Debate Union Facebook page
EHU Debate Union Instagram