Center for Constitutionalism and Human Rights

The Center for Constitutionalism and Human Rights was established at EHU in 2012. Activities of the Center focus primarily on research, assessment, and consultations in the sphere of establishing constitutional law and order, the system of legal values and securing human rights in East-Central European and CIS states, under the auspicies of EHU’s academic structures and associated participants of the Center. Click here to find out more information about the Center.

The Center’s team:

The team of the Center is a multidisciplinary group of researchers, lecturers and students, united by the development and popularization tasks of the Center activities and its projects. We believe that ideas and solutions, created by the team of people, representing various spheres, are the most effective and sustainable. Follow the link to know more about our team.

The Center’s projects:

The center of constitutionalism and human rights works on promotion of the legal recourse. We aim at fostering the development of legal culture and supporting academic community at EHU and civil society in East-Central European and CIS states. You can check and follow for regular updates about our projects and activities at our site.

The Center’s publications and webinars:

Under the auspices of the Center we hold both offline and online lectures, webinars and international conferences, where reports with the most up-to-date legal practices and issues are presented. Theorists and practitioners from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Poland, Germany, Norway, France and several other countries participate in the activities. Speakers do not only raise problematic issues, but also propose their insights into the resolution, share their knowledge and experience. Afterwards all the materials are transformed into publications in the form of main theses and conclusions and then can be used as a theoretical material or have practical value. At our site you can find publications and webinars.

The Center’s partners:

We believe that partnerships are an essential part of the Center successful functioning. We’re grateful to our partners for the trust they’ve placed in us, for maintaining and developing collective projects and for the future that we can honorably build together. Without doubt, we are waiting for partnership proposals and suggestions to initiate new projects together! More about the partners.

Team in AY 2021/2022:

  • Teachers: lecturer Alena Basalai, professor Alexander Vashkevich, assoc. professor Dovile Sagatiene, lecturer Inesa Stolper, assoc. professor Liliana Timchenko, assoc. professor Liudmila Uliashina, professo Vitautas Shlapkauskas
  • Affiliated members: Natalia Mackevich, Lela Metreveli, Dmitriy Labazinskiy, Mikhail Pastukhov
  • Students: Christina Hirla (5th year, MA International Law and European Union Law), Sergey Yaryomenko (2nd year, Media and Communication), Maria Zharilovskaya (5th year, MA International Law and European Union Law), Alina Konoshenko (5th year, MA International Law and European Union Law), Аksana Troneva (2nd year, European Heritage), Daniil Sarakula (3rd year, MA International Law and European Union Law), Yauhenii Salokhin (2nd year, World Politics and Economics)

The Center’s members:

The members of the Center are experiences professionals, professors and practitioners in various fields of the law. It’s impossible to overestimate their role for the Center. The members’ academic knowledge and experience fosters development of the Center, helps with the project creation, management and resolution of key current issues. To find more information about the members click here.

Corresponding study program:

Contact details

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Head: Assoc. Prof. Liudmila Ulyashina