Francysk Skaryna Cultural Route

About the Project

The common history and heritage of Lithuania and Belarus as the embodiment of common European values are not yet fully presented to the European public and have great potential. In this regard, the tangible and intangible heritage associated with the personality of Francysk Skaryna has special importance.

The Francysk Skaryna Cultural Route (Part Polotsk – Vilnius) is an initiative of a group of specialists from the European Humanities University, the Skaryna Gymnasium (Lithuania, Vilnius), Polotsk State University (Polotsk, Belarus), and the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve (Polotsk, Belarus), supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania within the framework of the Development Program cooperation and support for democracy.

The Project aims to contribute to the preservation and promotion of heritage associated with F. Skaryna’s personality based on the Council of Europe Cultural Route model that allows cooperation and synergies between a wide range of relevant actors including authorities in countries concerned.

Achievement of this aim is expected by means of the following key results-outcomes:

  • The concept of the F. Skaryna Cultural Route developed and tested for the case of historical way Polotsk – Vilnius;
  • Improved capacity of key stakeholders in Lithuania and Belarus with regards to a holistic and inclusive approach to preservation and promotion of heritage based on the Cultural Route concept;
  • Initiated consultations and discussion of the F. Scaryna Cultural Route concept with partners in the relevant European countries. These will allow a basis for building a network necessary for the preservation of tangible and intangible heritage associated with F. Skaryna’s personality in a wide geographic and thematic context.

Project implementation period: March – November, 2021.