Research & Projects

Research evolves from education, expression, and collaboration. EHU seeks to identify new research directions and build research initiatives across the disciplines taught at the university. EHU is investing in its faculty to attain higher levels of achievement in every field of study.

Objectives of research and artistic activity at EHU:

  • Realization of key accents of the European intellectual tradition, formation of an understanding of the nature of education in a situation of unprecedented dynamism of the globalizing world and its technological achievements, which pose new challenges on the ways of understanding the “human reality” and the person himself
  • Development of conceptual models and languages for interpreting the transformations of modern society (with particular emphasis on Europe and the postcommunist region) in the context of globalization, cosmopolitanization, digitalization, mediatization, new forms of mobility, the impact of modern technologies and the emergence of modern society, taking into account the dynamics of global and local measurement of social processes
  • Improvement of existing and development implementation of new Social sciences and Humanities educational programs and training courses in the field of modern knowledge, appealing to the ideas of Liberal Arts, implying education with overcoming the differences between “theory” and “practice”

Areas of research and artistic activity at EHU:

  • Philosophy. Education of Humanities (Liberal Arts) in the context of the European tradition
  • History. Historicism as a phenomenon of the European intellectual tradition in the modern global world
  • Design. The language of the knowledge of Humanities between word and image
  • Communication and information. Media culture and modern communication practices: communication strategies, social and political contexts, identity transformations
  • Law. Legal Transformations of Modern State and Society: New Challenges (Belarus, EU, Eastern Partnership Countries)
  • Political sciences. Political Transformations of Modern State and Society: New Challenges (Belarus, EU, Eastern Partnership Countries).

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