International Law and Security Studies

International Law and Security Studies

Academic degree

Master of Law


1,5 years (3 semesters)

National Code of the Study Program


About the program

The MA programme “International Law and Security Studies” is aimed at training lawyers whose professional orientations are: non-conflict resolution of international disputes, maintaining security of interstate communication by legal means, social responsibility and sustainable development of states and the international community as a whole. It is expected that programme graduates will demonstrate their adherence to the values of the Western legal tradition, capability of implementing the principles of democracy and the rule of law through legal and other legitimate means, and promotion of the ideals of peace and security by means of international law.

Programme graduates will receive a Master of Law diploma.

Study language: English

Distinctive Features of the Programme

  • The Programme is based on 30 years of university‘s experience in providing law studies
  • All courses are taught in English
  • The Programme is delivered by an international team of professors, the absolute majority of whom have practical work experience in the field 
  • Studies of law are supplement with knowledge of security, political science, diplomacy and other sciences
  • Blended learning format, combining full-time education in Vilnius and distance learning
  • The Programme based on a clear specialization in international public law – International Law and Security Studies, which ensures high quality of targeted education
  • Combination of theory and practice, research and projects’ activities (including the Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights and the Legal Clinic)

The MA programme provides students with the opportunity to engage in exchange programs, including but not limited to Erasmus and OSUN. Among our partners are the following institutions:

  • The Baltic International Academy, Latvia
  • University of Lodz, Poland
  • Yeditepe University, Turkey
  • University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  • University of Glasgow, Scotland

Study plan of MA International Law and Security Studies – Course description


Potential career

Practical sphere:

  • Legal Advisor: Provide expertise to governments, defense organizations, or law firms
    on international legal matters and security issues.
  • Public Sector Roles: Work in public security organizations, contributing to
    diplomacy, defense, and sustainable development.
  •  Law Firm Work: Join law firms specializing in international law, advising on cross-
    border legal issues and security concerns.
  •  NGO Positions: Contribute to non-governmental organizations focusing on human
    rights, conflict resolution, and global security.

Research sphere:

  • Academic Pursuits: Pursue further studies like a PhD, conducting in-depth research
    on international law and security topics.
  •  Think Tank Roles: Join research institutions to analyze global challenges and shape
    international policies.
  • Policy Analysis: Work in government agencies or international organizations,
    analysing policies related to legal compliance and security
  • Consultancy Services: Offer consulting services to governments, organizations, and
    businesses on legal compliance and conflict resolution strategies.

With your Master’s degree, you will be equipped to pursue a range of impactful careers in law,
security, and global affairs.


Applications, Payments and Scholarships

Admission consultations

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Tuition fees for the ones applying in 2024 (per semester)

For citizens and residents of Belarus For citizens of other countries
€1510 €2120

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