Research and Art Outputs

Main developments in management and progress in the improvement of the University Research (Art) Activity results, achieved in 2019:

  1. Research Publications Centre was established and the composition of the Editorial and Publishing Board was renewed:
    1. The Centre is responsible for the planning, reviewing and publishing of high volume (monographs, research studies, study manuals, artistic albums) scientific (artistic) publications. The Centre also coordinates and supervises publishing of the EHU periodicals
    2. The main responsibilities of the Editorial and Publishing Board are: to perform primary review of manuscripts provided for the publication; to evaluate preparation, quality and compliance to formal requirements of the provided manuscript; to suggest possible external experts for the review of the publication manuscript; to evaluate, modify and to approve University publishing plan.
  2. A number of EHU scientific journals optimized – Based on data from various different sources and objective evaluation of investment-benefits of existing EHU scientific periodicals, it was decided to decrease the total number of the journals and to promote the aspects of the higher quality and internationality in them. EHU Strategic and Development Committee make a decision to promote the peer-review journal “Topos” as the main scientific journal of the EHU and had obliged the journal’s editorial board to make all the necessary improvements that the journal until the year 2024 would be included into international publication database SCOPUS.
  3. eLaba publication database was fully installed and prepared for use – started to be installed at the end of the academic year 2018-2019, in the academic year 2019-2020 the eLaba was fully operational. It was ensured that all University faculty members would be personally responsible and obliged to register their scientific publications and works of art into the system. Because of the practical implementation of this principle, the administrative structures of the University related to process management of the research (art) activity were enabled to operate with high-quality and complete data of scientific publications and works of art – to submit these data to the evaluation of external institutions. Full use of the eLaba not only enables more qualitative management of the related data but also promotes better monitoring capabilities of faculty publishing activity during the academic year.
  4. More functional research-study activity connection ensured – in association with the changes of the University research priorities, modifications in Regulations of Student Project Contests were made. These changes on one hand promote more objective selection and evaluation of the student applications. On the other hand – ensures that supported research and artistic projects of the students would be prepared in higher quality and would directly correlate with the EHU scientific (artistic) fields.

Progress in the research (art) activity evaluation results

In comparison with the final results of the 2017 and 2018 calendar year research (art) activity evaluation results of 2019 indicates the following characteristics of the current situation:

  • In the calendar year 2019 the University prepared a total of 37 publications (1 more than in 2018) (13 publications in Humanities and 24 in Social Sciences) and 16 works of art (3 more than in 2018);
  • The results of the evaluation of research (art) activities presented by the Research Council of Lithuania shows that according to the jointly assessed evaluation points, compared to the calendar years 2017 and 2018, the indicators have significantly increased (74 points in 2017; 212,9 points in 2018; 370,644 points in 2019).
  • Compared to the year 2017 EHU research (art) activity performance indicators in the year 2019 increased 5 times, and compared to the year 2018 – 1,74 times.
  • Compared to the year 2018 the results of the evaluation of publications in the fields of Social Sciences increased significantly (in 2018 – 46,28 points; in 2019 – 138,177 points).
  • The positive change of evaluation results in the direction of arts – Design should also be emphasized. Due to the changes in the field of design, when the recognized Lithuanian artists joined the team EHU faculty, the results of the evaluation of art activity, compared to 2018 had increased 2,3 times (22,28 points in 2018; 51,067 points in 2019).

EHU top publications of 2018-2021