EHU DAAD Go East Summer Schools

2024: “Platformization, Digital Disinformation and Non-Democratic Politics: Belarus in Comparative Perspective”

2023: “Platformization of Politics in Non-Democracies: Belarus in the 2020s in Comparative Perspective”

2022: “The Last European Dictatorship and a Platformization Frontier? Platforms and Infrastructures of Political Power in Belarus in the 2020s”

2021: “Post-Nuclear Urbanism II”

2020: “Post-Nuclear Urbanism”

2018: “Re-Tooling Knowledge Infrastructures in a Post-Nuclear Town”

2017: “Sources of Urbanity in Former Mono-Functional Towns II”

2016: “Sources of Urbanity in Former Mono-Functional Towns”

2015: “Mapping Visaginas. Sources of Urbanity in a Former Mono-Functional Town”

2014: “Mapping Post-Socialist Urban Spaces in Vilnius”