Business Economics

Business Economics

Academic degree

Bachelor of Social Sciences (in Economics)


3.5 years (7 semesters, 210 ECTS) (full-time)

National Code of the Study Program


About the program

The “Business Economics” program prepares highly qualified economists with a unique set of competencies. The curriculum of the program is developed based on the experience of the best universities in the world, as well as leading universities in Central and Eastern Europe. The program aims to provide students with a wide range of modern fundamental and specialized economic, financial, and mathematical-statistical knowledge and skills, research methods, and practices. The program also includes a block of disciplines related to ICT technologies, allowing students to acquire competencies related to the application of AI and other IT technologies in modern economics and business. At the same time, significant attention in the program is paid to the development of students’ critical and analytical thinking, and immersion in the socio-cultural and humanitarian context of the modern world. Distinguished academics and researchers from the USA, UK, Sweden, and other European countries are actively involved as guest lecturers in the program. Joint courses with leading universities in the region are also part of the program. This provides students with the opportunity for academic and research interaction with their peers from other countries. Additionally, during their studies, students actively interact with the business community, gaining practical experience and directly communicating with representatives of the business environment. The competencies formed within the program offer students a wide range of choices for further careers in the field of economics and finance. Graduates of the program will be prepared to work in business, primarily in innovative fields (information technology, digital engineering, instrumental design, etc.), as well as in financial companies as economic analysts. The demand for such competencies is steadily growing in the Central and Eastern European region, partly due to the acute need for such competencies from the innovative Belarusian business sector. Students who wish to continue their education can expect successful admission to master’s (doctoral) programs at leading universities worldwide.

Distinctive Features of the Program

  • A unique set of competencies: in Economics and Finance, Social Sciences and Humanities, Mathematics and Statistics, Information and Communication technologies
  • Focus on personal development, critical thinking, and research competencies
  • Focus on the Central and Eastern Europe region, its economic, business, cultural, social and other peculiarities
  • The program begins in Russian, provides intensive English language learning, and gradually transitions to instruction in English
  • The core faculty are BEROC RC researchers and associates, who are academics with doctoral degrees from Western universities
  • Guest lecturers from top Universities and Research Institutions worldwide
  • Joint courses with BEROC RC partners: Stockholm School of Economics, SSE-Riga, Kyiv School of Economics, and other
  • Opportunities for research collaboration with peers from other countries
  • Opportunities to participate in Erasmus and OSUN exchanges and courses
  • Opportunities for engagement in BEROC RC research programs and projects, including academic research and applied research on the Belarusian and regional economy
  • Direct communication with innovative Belarusian relocated businesses and opportunities for engagement in their practical activities
  • Opportunities for running own research and business projects in collaboration with peers (including students from other programs) under the Research Lab project of BEROC RC
  • Wide opportunities for further career development

Languages of Instruction

English, Russian, Belarusian

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Potential career

Upon completion of the program, graduates can choose from various career paths, including but not limited to:

  • Innovative relocated Belarusian Business: Many relocated Belarusian companies in sectors such as information technology and financial engineering already experience a shortage of competencies in economics and finance. As these companies further adapt and strengthen their positions in new markets, this demand will only expand. Graduates will be ready to contribute to the growth and innovation of such companies.
  • Further Academic Career: The program lays a solid foundation of competencies for students who wish to continue their education at the master’s (doctoral) level and provides opportunities for collaboration with renowned universities worldwide. Additionally, students aiming for an academic career will receive advisory and organizational support.
  • Financial Industry: The program’s emphasis on advanced knowledge in finance, combined with the rapid development of FinTech companies and banks in the Central and Eastern European region, opens doors for graduates to develop their careers in the financial sector.
  • Other Companies in Central and Eastern Europe: Equipped with high-level competencies, graduates will have strong positions in the regional labor market. Due to the region’s current problem of a shortage of qualified workforce, they will be in demand in various fields and industries. Therefore, even with specific individual preferences, graduates will likely be able to fulfill their career development desires.

Applications, Payments and Scholarships

Admission consultations

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Tuition fees for the ones applying in 2024 (per semester)

For citizens and residents of Belarus For citizens of other countries
High Residence (full-time) €1750 €1750

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