Academic degree

Bachelor of History


4 years (8 semesters) (full-time)

National Code of the Study Program


About the program

BA Program “History” trains highly qualified professionals in the field of history with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and professional competences that meet contemporary educational standards.

The program is designed to train professionals with a broad humanities education, critical thinking skills, and a background in history free from ideological control and interference in the international academic environment. Graduates of the program will be well-informed about past events, phenomena, and processes, familiar with methodological traditions in humanities and social sciences, and will master contemporary theoretical and methodological approaches to studying and representing history in regional and transnational contexts.

Program graduates will be capable of building their own careers in various fields and adapting to the changing demands of the job market. Upon completion of the program, it is expected that they will have proficiency in academic English and be prepared for further studies in English-language master’s programs, as well as integration into the international academic community and participation in discussions about the role of Belarus and the region in changing European and global contexts.

Distinctive features of the Program:

  • International academic environment;
  • Unique curriculum and practical orientation of the Program;
  • Opportunity to participate in Erasmus and OSUN exchanges and courses;
  • Joint courses with partners: OSUN, Bard College (New York), Princeton University, Institute of Lithuanian History;
  • Study of regional and local history through the history of specific cities (Vilnius, Gdansk, Lviv) with field seminars at partner institutions (Museum of the Second World War, Gdansk, Poland; Center for Urban Studies, Lviv, Ukraine);
  • Personal development and critical thinking skills;
  • Focus on acquiring research competencies, ability to work with sources, and presenting results in the public sphere in Belarusian, Russian, and English;
  • Orientation towards preparing a research-oriented specialist ready to implement their own research project;
  • Curriculum and teaching methods accommodating individual educational needs, including the study of German and Polish languages;
  • In-depth study of English and academic English.

Languages of Instruction:

English, Belarusian

Potential career

The substantial theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the study of history will enable program graduates to take an active position in the job market and open up opportunities for work in various public and private institutions and organizations.

After completing the bachelor’s program, graduates have the opportunity to continue their education in master’s programs at European and American universities.

Possible career paths include:

  • Conducting research projects;
  • Experts in public history and historical policy analysis;
  • Working on projects related to the preservation of historical memory and heritage;
  • Positions in archives, museums, and libraries;
  • Tourism;
  • Journalism and media projects.

Applications, Payments and Scholarships

Admission consultations

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Tuition fees for the ones applying in 2024 (per semester)

For citizens and residents of Belarus For citizens of other countries
High Residence (full-time) €1450 €1820


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