The public transportation system in Vilnius consists of buses and trolleybuses. Tickets in Vilnius transport system are presented as electronic tickets limited by time (30, 60 minutes) and single tickets.

Full prices for electronic time limited tickets for 30 or 60 minutes cost (€0,65 and €0,90 respectivley). A single ticket for a trolleybus or bus, if purchased in a vehicle, costs €1. High residence students can purchase tickets at a discount only after obtaining students ID card. The single ticket price with a discount for students is €0,5 at a driver. A monthly electronic ticket for students costs €5,80 (for both bus and trolleybus).

For more information on public transportation, click here.

Students who hold a Lithuanian student ID or an ISIC card are eligible for discounted public transportation tickets. Information on how to get a Lithuanian student ID can be found here.

Public transportation starts working at 5 a.m. and runs until 11 p.m. Travel information is available on the public transportation map.

Taxis can be booked on the Etaksi webpage or with the help of the apps Taxify and Uber.

The train can take you from Vilnius to Kaunas in about one hour. Information about rail service and schedules are available here.

Vilnius International Airport offers flights to many European capitals, with connections from there to most any part of the world.