Academic degree

Bachelor of Law


3.5 years (7 semesters) (full-time study)
4.5 years (9 semesters) (part-time study)

National Code of the Study Program


About the program

BA Program “Law” prepares highly qualified lawyers who share European values, who are able to protect human rights and participate in the formation of a democratic social state based on the rule of law in the Republic of Belarus through competent, critical and creative work in the institutions of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities, nongovernmental organizations, bar associations, law firms and business entities.

Program graduates can choose to study at EHU and other Lithuanian and foreign universities that offer postgraduate study programs in English, Russian or other languages. They can choose not only law but also other fields of study depending on the requirements for the entrants.

Program graduates who choose to study at EHU second cycle law programs can receive Master’s in the field of International Public Law or International Private Law.

Distinctive features of the Program

  • In line with the university’s mission, the Program provides studies for Eastern European and Central Asian students and enables them to learn about and evaluate national law through the prism of European values and international law, in particular the rule of law, human rights and freedoms, democracy;
  • The Program is based on 30 years of university‘s experience in providing law studies;
  • The Program is friendly to Eastern European and Central Asian students, as it is based on a language balance: studies start in Belarusian/Russian language and is gradually replaced by English language;
  • The Program pays special attention to the study of European Union law and International Law;
  • Practice of legal skills and judicial speech at international students’ competitions;
  • Opportunity to participate in Erasmus and OSUN exchanges and courses;
  • The opportunity after graduation to choose a specialization and continue studying for Master’s degree in Europe and the USA, as well as at EHU at Master’s programs “International Law and Security Studies” or “International Business and Trade Law”.

Study language

English, Belarusian, Russian

Study plan of BA “Law”



Potential career

  • Legal adviser in legislative, executive and judicial authorities;
  • Expert in nongovernmental organizations;
  • Legal adviser in law firms and business entities;
  • Lawyer in bar associations;
  • Expert consultant in think tanks and international institutions, etc.


Applications, Payments and Scholarships

Admission consultations

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Tuition fees for the ones applying in 2024 (per semester)

For citizens and residents of Belarus For citizens of other countries
High Residence (full-time) €1570 €1950
Low Residence (part-time) €1260 €1560

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