Lithuania is a member state of the European Union, as well as a founding country of the Bologna Process, therefore, Diplomas of EHU fully comply with the main provisions of the Bologna Declaration and European Higher Education Area.

After graduation from the university educational program, graduates of EHU are awarded with a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Diploma (issued in Lithuanian and English) and a Diploma Supplement. Doctoral graduates receive a Doctoral Diploma corresponding to the established model.

The Diploma Supplement is a document produced through a joint effort of the European Commission, the Council of Europe, and UNESCO/CEPES initiative.

All students of the European Humanities University receive a Diploma Supplement upon graduation, free of charge. View an example of a Diploma Supplement for undergraduate  or graduate degrees.

The Diploma Supplement is issued in both English and Lithuanian versions. Click here to learn more about the structure of the Supplement.

The Diploma Supplement facilitates international recognition of qualifications for academic study and may serve as an annex to the original qualification. It provides essential information on the nature, level, context, content, and status of any higher education qualification, and was created to ease problems of recognition and promote transparency.

International recognition of EHU Diplomas

Being an effective tool for transparency and promoting informed judgments about academic qualifications, the Diploma Supplement does not replace or substitute the original qualification documents nor guarantee automatic recognition of the qualification for either academic or professional purposes.

The procedure for the recognition of diplomas differs from country to country. The EHU Diploma is easily recognized in the EU countries and the USA.

In addition, within the social Summit of the European heads of state and Governments of the EU member states in Gothenburg (Sweden) in 2017 framework, it was decided to create a single European Education Area by 2025, which will make the process of recognition of diplomas in the EU even more flexible and smooth.

Belarus has been a participant of the Bologna Process since 2015, however it does not fulfill all the provisions of the Bologna Declaration, which complicates the process of recognition of European diplomas in this country. Nowadays, European diplomas of graduates of Master’s Degree programs are recognized in Belarus.

Starting from June 2018, the Baltic States have been carrying out automatic recognition of educational documents, including higher education Diplomas issued by EHU.

In Russia and Ukraine, both Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree Diplomas of EHU are freely recognized.

To go through the procedure for recognizing a EHU Diploma in a particular country, you should contact the local responsible authorities involved in this activity.