Governing Board

Who is who in the Governing Board of the European Humanities

The following membership composition of the Governing Board is elected for the 3 years period, starting January 6, 2023.

Chair Mr. Andrius Kubilius (Lithuania)

Mr. Andrius Kubilius fulfilled a remarkable career in the Lithuanian politics, by serving Prime Minister twice: in 1999 2000 and in 2008-2012. He has become renowned internationally by battling 2008 financial crisis in Lithuania, as well as leading international support to Ukraine by drafting the Marshall Plan for Ukraine.

Mr. Kubilius has served as the member of the Seimas of Lithuania since 1992, until assuming the office of the Member of the European Parliament in July 2019, where he chairs Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly.

Mr. Kubilius completed postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Physics of Vilnius University.


Dr. Tatsiana Chulitskaya (Belarus)

Dr Tatsiana Chulitskaya is a political scientist with a profound academic background including participation in different international and national research projects, and author of numerous academic publications. Currently, she holds research positions at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) and Vilnius University (Lithuania). She is an active member of the Belarusian civil society and think tank community.

Dr Chulitskaya actively cooperates with a renowned Belarusian think tank and non-formal educational project the School of Young Managers in Public Administration (SYMPA). SYMPA for a long time has been EHU’s social partner and Tatsiana herself worked at the EHU as a lecturer of the Social Sciences Department.


Professor Antoaneta Dimitrova (the Netherlands)

Antoaneta L. Dimitrova is Professor of Comparative Governance at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs and the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs of Leiden University. She is currently Vice Scientific Director of the Institute of Security and Global Affairs and Chair of the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. She is a founding director of the Central and East European Studies centre at Leiden University, former member of the Steering Committee of the Standing Group on the European Union of the European Consortium of Political Science Research and a member of the Board of Governors of the European Humanities University.

Antoaneta Dimitrova’s research has explored democratization in post-communist states of Central and Eastern Europe and the role of the EU in institutional transformations in the run up to the EU’s eastern enlargement in 2004-2007. More recently, she has studied EU policies towards its Eastern neighborhood and the Union’s external governance towards Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. Research explored also state capacity, civil society and external actors’ interaction with non-state actors in Eastern Europe. Other recent research investigates democratic backsliding and protests in Central and Eastern Europe.

Antoaneta Dimitrova has published numerous articles in leading academic journals such as Journal of European Public Policy, European Union Politics, Democratization, West European Politics, Journal of Common Market Studies, Journal of European Integration and others.


Dr. Jonathan Fanton (USA)

Dr. Jonathan F. Fanton is a world-renowned expert on education and human rights.

In 1982-1999, Dr. Fanton served as President of the New School for Social Research (now – The New School) in New York. Dr. Fanton has maintained long-standing connection and chaired Human Rights Watch, Security Council Report, Scholars at Risk. In 2019, Dr. Fanton has finished his 5-years tenure as President of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Fanton was awarded EHU Doctor Honoris Causa in 2018.

Currently he is a Senior Fellow at Hunter College, City University of New York and the Centennial Fellow at the New School for Social Research.


Ms. Darya Minsky (Belarus)

Daria Minsky is a media manager, entrepreneur, and co founder of Belarusian media online and The Village Belarus.

She is Belarusian with a much broader European and transatlantic perspective.

Her professional interests include media, technology, venture capital and democratic development.


Vice Chair Dr. Megaklis Petmezas (Greece)

Currently Dr. Petmezas serves as Vice President for the New Developments, Marketing and Recruitment at City College, University of York Europe Campus in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Dr. Megaklis Petmezas is the author of a book in International Economic Organisations, has written various articles and participated in many international conferences. Dr. Petmezas holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Strasbourg I.


Mr. Reinhard Stuth (Germany)

Mr. Reinhard Stuth is a German lawyer, with an intense experience in regional, European and foreign affairs development, who has served as Minister for Culture and Media at the Hamburg State Government in 2010-2011.

He has earlier served in a number of postures of Hamburg State to the Federal Government of Germany, and led operations of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia. He currently serves as Partner and General Manager at HanBao Neue Energien.Mr. Stuth holds a Law degree from Hamburg University.


Mr. Darius Vitkauskas (Lithuania)

Darius Vitkauskas is Director of the Eastern Neighbourhood Policy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.

From 2018 to 2021, Darius Vitkauskas served as Consul General of the Republic of Lithuania in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan and has previously worked in the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Lithuania in Belarus, Belgium, Russia and Ukraine.


Former Chairs of the Governing Board