EHU Fellowships for Scholars and Teachers from Belarus and Ukraine

European Humanities University (Vilnius) launches an ad hoc fellowship program for academic scholars and teachers from Belarus and Ukraine. Applicants with careers disrupted by war and politically motivated persecution are given a priority. The aim of the program is to create and nurture a safe virtual environment for research and [life-long] learning in societies facing large-scale repressions, war and forced displacement. EHU invites fellows to develop collaborations and joint projects with the University’s academic programs, research centers and laboratories, as well as individual colleagues.

Fellowship holders are affiliated with the EHU for periods from 1 to 12 months and are financially supported to continue their academic work in partnership / conversation with EHU peer(s). In the course of Fellowship, they are invited to present results of this work to the EHU community and friends. Fellowship holders can choose whether to reside in Vilnius or elsewhere (due to need or preference). EHU will be able to cover travel to Vilnius and accommodation for fellows in hard living conditions.

Thus EHU further expands its support to academics from Belarus punished for their civic stance after rigged elections and state violence in 2020. In 2021, 25 scholars from Belarus were granted a fellowship at the EHU.

Applications consisting of CV and Project description (750-1000 words) are to be sent to

Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Decision is announced to the applicant within 10 working days.

Applicants’ careers and projects’ themes should be in line with the EHU mission:

“EHU is a student-centered University for promoting civil society development through Humanities and Liberal Arts for students from Belarus and the region by bringing them together and offering international experience in study quality. The University is oriented at civically-minded students from Eastern Europe, distinguished by a commitment to the European values and Liberal Arts as well as rich on-campus life and alumni network.”

Fellowships are financed by the EHU community, friends, and alumni; institutional donors; and global academic community.

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Subject: EHU Fellowships for Scholars and Teachers from Belarus and Ukraine