The European Humanities University survives and flourishes thanks to the leadership of the Government of Lithuania, which helped EHU preserve academic freedom by relocating to Vilnius from Minsk, and the ongoing support of donors.

From 2022, the EHU Trust Fund is being coordinated by the Central Project Management Agency (Centrinė projektų valdymo agentūra), which has a long experience in managing programs and projects funded by the European Union, international donors and Lithuanian State budget.

EHU Multi donor Trust Fund was established in the framework of EU funded project “EU4Belarus: Support to the European Humanities University” which is implemented by Central Project Management Agency of Lithuania.

The aim of the Trust Fund is to consolidate the donor support received by the EHU and to ensure efficient and centralized management of financial resources.

The successful operation of EHU has for some time now hardly been possible without donor support: the tuition fees collected by the University cover only a fraction of its costs, and in the context of today’s topical issues it is particularly important to support and promote the independent education of Belarusian students based on European values. Strengthening the governance of the University and the functioning of the Trust Fund also directly supports democratic processes.

EHU Trust Fund is currently supported by various stakeholders such as the European Commission, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency SIDA, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Governments of Netherlands, Iceland, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.

The US-based non-profit organization Friends of EHU promotes support for and donations to EHU, especially in the United States.

EHU wishes to acknowledge the following donors who have contributed substantially through financial and in-kind support to its ongoing mission of providing young people from Belarus and the region with the education they deserve. You can join this distinguished list of supporters by making a donation to EHU.

Support EHU

You can also make a donation by making a money transfer to the University bank account. When making a wire transfer in the section of “Bank transfer information” please indicate “Donation to the European Humanities University”.

Bank Name: AB SEB bankas
Bank Address: Konstitucijos pr. 24, LT–08105 Vilnius, Lietuva
Bank Transfer Information: Donation to the European Humanities University
Account Holder: Europos humanitarinis universitetas
Account No.: LT167044060005813699