Support for Scholars and Students at Risk

The European Humanities University (Vilnius) consistently extends its support to scholars from Belarus and Ukraine whose careers have been disrupted by war and political persecution. In some cases, researchers from Russia may also be included in the program.

From 2021 to 2023, 40 scholars from Belarus received support. For the current academic year (2023/24), 18 scholars from Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia are recipients of EHU scholarships. The program’s aim is to create and develop a secure environment for research in societies that have faced widespread repression, wars, and forced displacement. The program is designed to support accomplished scholars with significant academic experience and research publications. Scholarship recipients join the EHU community for a duration of 1 to 12 months, receiving financial support to continue their academic work, collaborate with research centers and laboratories, participate in the university’s academic programs, and engage with colleagues from EHU. They introduce the EHU academic community and university partners to the results of their work. Applicants’ careers and project themes should align with EHU’s mission:
EHU is a student-centered University for promoting civil society development through Humanities and Liberal Arts for students from Belarus and the region by bringing them together and offering international experience in study quality. The University is oriented at civically-minded students from Eastern Europe, distinguished by a commitment to the European values and Liberal Arts as well as rich on-campus life and alumni network.
It is expected that scholarship recipients will be present in Vilnius for the duration of their scholarship, but remote scholarship implementation is also possible. Applications, including a resume (CV) and a project description (750-1000 words), should be sent to Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. A final decision is made after considering and aligning all received applications during the next scholarship allocation cycle. The program is implemented in collaboration with several institutional donors, the global academic community, foundations, and initiatives, including the EHU community, friends, and alumni.

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Purpose: EHU Scholarships for Scholars and Educators from Belarus and Ukraine.

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