The organization and quality of the feedback are ensured by the Procedure applicable to organizing feedback on studies at EHU (No. 123-20 of May 16, 2017). Special attention is paid to periodic surveys conducted at the University.

Various questionnaires are used to evaluate the quality of education:

  1. Each semester students are surveyed about the quality of their courses (questionnaire);
  2. Short surveys are organized mid-semester. The results of the surveys are made available to faculty, Department Heads, and broader discussions are held at joint university meetings involving students, faculty, and university administration. The results of the feedback, accordingly, influence the results of the annual faculty performance evaluation;
  3. Identification of the causes of interruptions to effectively take preventive measures;
  4. Evaluation of the quality of the thesis writing.

In this way, students, as the broadest part of the academic community immersed in the learning process, help identify problems that arise in the educational process and contribute to finding effective solutions to sustainably improve the quality of studies.

In addition, the university conducts surveys of faculty members, representatives of the administration, university partners, alumni, and students who have joined the EHU community as part of the Erasmus+ academic exchange program. Thus, all members of the academic community are included in the feedback process, which allows timely response to current problems and ensures high-quality studies.

Here are the results of the surveys: