International Law and European Union Law

International Law and European Union Law

Academic degree

Master of Law


5 Years (10 semesters (Full-time))
6 Years (12 semesters (Part-time))

National Code of the Study Program


About the program

The Integrated Studies Program in International Law and European Union Law prepares professionals to work as legal experts, as well as conduct research and academic activities. The Program offers a full cycle of higher education in law: the graduates receive a Master of Law degree. The Program aims to educate creative and active lawyers able to solve organizational and management issues, as well as work as legal advisers and lawmakers at both national and international levels.

Distinctive features of the Program

  • International academic environment, training by practicing lawyers and attorneys;
  • Unique curriculum and practical orientation of the Program;
  • Practice of legal skills and judicial speech at international competitions;
  • The Program is delivered by an international team of professors, the absolute majority of whom have practical work experience in the field; 
  • Studies of law are supplement with knowledge of security, political science, diplomacy and other sciences
  • Combination of theory and practice, research and projects’ activities (including the Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights and the Legal Clinic);
  • Opportunity to participate in Erasmus and OSUN exchanges and courses;
  • The Program is friendly to Eastern European and Central Asian students, as it is based on a language balance (including teaching in Russian);
  • The Program allows our graduates to be equally competitive in both the EU and CIS markets due to their ability to work in the fields of national, European, and international law.

Study language

English, Belarusian, Russian

Study plan of MA “International Law and European Union Law”



Potential career

  • Legal adviser in private and public organizations;
  • Expert in international organizations;
  • Private legal practice, corporate lawyers;
  • Expert consultants in think tanks and international institutions;
  • PhD at universities in Europe and the USA.

Featured Persons

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