The Lithuanian government offers the following scholarships:

Name of Scholarship Amount Duration Eligibility Selection Criteria Source
Level of Study Citizenship/ Residence
Support for students with special needs 160 EUR/per month the entire period of studies BA HR, MA, PhD Permanent residents of Lithuania More detailed information is available here
The State Studies Foundation
Scholarship for master degree studies Standard study prices + 400 EUR/month entire study period MA Citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan; or foreign citizens of the Lithuanian descent For more information see here Education Exchanges Support Foundation (Švietimo mainų paramos fondas)
Scholarship for Lithuanian diaspora 130 EUR/ month one year BA HR and MA Children of representatives of the Lithuanian diaspora and persons of Lithuanian descent For more information  see here The State Studies Foundation (Valstybinis studijų fondas)

* Students from all Lithuanian higher education institutions apply to these scholarships. They are allocated on a competitive basis.
The list is not exhaustive. Other scholarships might become available on an ad hoc basis.

Want to find out more about the scholarship opportunity? Ask a question to the Coordinator of the Student Services Unit Nadzeya Khrapavitskaja: