Blended Learning is a unique combination of face-to-face and distance learning at EHU

The European Humanities University offers master’s and permanent session (correspondence) programs in a mixed format (blended learning). The blended learning format includes both face-to-face and distance learning. The main advantage of this educational format is its mobility and focus on students who have family or professional obligations and who cannot regularly attend the university. Features of the mixed format and a specially adapted curriculum allow students to independently choose the time and place for their studies.

How does the blended learning process work?

Face-to-face lectures, seminars, colloquia and consultations are held in Vilnius in the educational building of EHU. The duration of each face-to-face session is one week. Master’s students attend sessions in Vilnius 5 times a year.

Distance learning is organized in the Moodle system, in which teachers have virtual classes for each of the courses offered. In the virtual classroom, online classes, consultations and surveys are held, the necessary literature on the course, educational materials in the form of texts, video lectures, etc. are stored. In the same place, students provide teachers with their assignments for the course, take tests, participate in video conferences and online seminars. The final assessment for each course, as well as the defence of term papers and bachelor’s theses, are held in the academic building of the university.