Department of Social Sciences

Our Programs

Academic Department of Social Sciences (ADSS) delivers high (HR) and low (LR) residence studies in study fields of:

1.Law (MA (integrated) “International and the EU Law” in Russian and English)

Duration: 5 Years (High Residence); 6 Years (Low Residence)

The Integrated Studies Program in International Law and European Union Law prepares professionals to work as legal experts, as well as conduct research and academic activities. The program offers a full cycle of higher education in law: the graduates receive an LLM degree. The program aims to educate creative and active lawyers able to solve organizational and management issues, as well as work as legal advisers and lawmakers at both national and international levels.

  • International academic environment, training by practicing lawyers and attorneys;
  • Unique curriculum and practical orientation of the program;
  • Practice of legal skills and judicial speech at international competitions;
  • Professional legal terminology in foreign languages.

2.1. Political sciences (joint BA “World Politics and Economics“) together with Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania) in English and Russian,

Duration: 4 Years (High Residence); 5 Years (Low Residence)

  • International academic environment – double degree program with Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas;
  • Studying in English from the second year (for full-time students);
  • Integrated study in political science and economics;
  • Practical orientation of the program – possibility to practice in international organizations, diplomatic missions, and media;
  • Possibility of implementing student projects;
  • Studying for a Master’s degree in Europe and the USA, as well as at EHU.

2.2. MA “Public Policy” Russian, Belarussian and English)

  • Focus on the needs of modern society and the future of European integration;
  • International academic environment;
  • Training from leading experts in the field of political analysis and public administration;
  • Program developed jointly with the Faculty of Public Administration of the University of Leiden (Netherlands);
  • In-depth theoretical preparation;
  • Practical orientation of the program.

3. Communication (BA “Media and Communication” in Russian, Belarussian and English)

Duration: 4 Years (High Residence); 5 Years (Low Residence)

  • International academic environment;
  • Unique curriculum and practical orientation of the program;
  • State-of-art media infrastructure – EHU Media Center, established in collaboration with international partners BBC MEDIA ACTION;
  • International projects and training programs in the field of television and radio journalism;
  • Possibility of implementing student projects and assembling an outstanding creative portfolio;
  • Studying for a Master’s degree in Europe and the USA.

Our Research Centers and Laboratories

Center for Constitutionalism and Human Rights focus primarily on research, assessment, and consultations in the sphere of establishing constitutional law and order, the system of legal values and securing human rights in Belarus and the region, as well as assisting EHU’s academic structures in preparing legal professionals in constitutional relations and human rights in the region.

Center for Gender Studies aims to conduct and support research and education in the field of Gender Studies in the interdisciplinary perspective; to promote incorporation of Gender Studies into the University curriculum; to develop cooperation in the field of gender equality between the academia, media and non-governmental organizations in the region.

Laboratory for Studies of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art contributes inter alia towards designing of academic courses on visual culture and development of educational projects in this sphere, creates educational audiovisual multimedia products (as a part of a general strategy for medialization of social and humanitarian sciences), provides art and media expertise in the field (art, film critique, etc.).

Laboratory of Critical Urbanism conducts multidisciplinary cross-sectoral research on urban space and urban development, organizes conferences, exhibitions and cultural projects, and is running educational programs in integrative urbanism. It also focuses on analysis of urban environment as knowledge infrastructures as well as on varieties of civic engagement in the process of urban development and planning in the region.

Center for Research of Intersubjectivity and Interpersonal Communication aims to conduct multidisciplinary research of intersubjective experience and interpersonal communication; its activity is based on the principles of methodological and conceptual pluralism and presupposes combination of both theoretical and empirical approaches. It organizers conferences, seminars, summer schools and applied workshops and promotes dialogue between different disciplines in EHU and in academia.

Contact us

Our Contacts:
Head of the Department Professor Emeritus Ryhor Miniankou
Coordinator of the Department Maryia Zharylouskaya
Curator of the program “Media and Communication” Svetlana Nazarenko