Viktoriya Kanstantsiuk

Viktoriya Kanstantsiuk


Academic Department of Social Sciences
Laboratory for Studies of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art


Ph.D. Program, Faculty of Philosophy, Program on History and Theory of Culture European Humanities University (Minsk, Belarus) 2004
ВА Faculty of Philosophy and Social Science, Cultural Studies Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus) 2001

Teaching areas

Introduction to Specialty: Media Professions, Genealogy of Media, Introduction to Game Studies

Research interests

Digital Media and Communication, Video Games and Game Studies, Critical Theory, Media Anthropology, Visual Culture


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Kanstantsiuk, V. The Letter of Pleasure and Jouissance: Between Barthes and Lacan. Тopos, Vilnius: Europos humanitarinis universitetas. ISSN 1815-0047. eISSN 2538-886X. 2019, №1-2, p. 135-144. 

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Recent projects:

Head of the international project/ research seminar and conferences on Game Studies at EHU (2017-2019):

International scientific conference “Games against the players”, EHU (Lithuania, Vilnius) (14 – 15.04. 2019).

International scientific seminar “Games and violence”, EHU (Lithuania, Vilnius) (16-17.04.2018). 

Head of the international project / research seminar “Games and Violence”, EHU (Lithuania, Vilnius) (2018).

The co-head of the Research Seminar EHU-digital (2017-2018).