European Humanities University in Vilnius invites to the unique field school “Ancient Egypt: At the Roots of European Culture”

The European Humanities University in Vilnius is happy to invite university students and all enthusiasts to the unique field school “Ancient Egypt: At the Roots of European Culture”.  The influence of Egypt on Western culture is enormous: the roots of the Crito-Minoan and Greek civilizations lie in the foots of Egypt’s monuments. The history of our social and human sciences, arts, religion, chemistry, medicine, many other areas of knowledge and practice can not be studied and understood fully and properly without achievements of the ancient civilization of Egypt. The Word and the Image, which influenced the entire culture of Europe, were born here thousands years ago.

“Ancient Egypt: At the Roots of European Culture” is the first Egyptological school, organized by the academic community of Belarus and Lithuania. School will take place from December 8 to 15 in Cairo, Luxor and near the most important monuments of the heritage of ancient Egypt. At the end of the school it is planned to visit the coast of Hurghada.

Head of the school Prof. Sergei Ignatov is an internationally acclaimed Egyptologist, author of the books “Morphology of Classical Egypt”, “The Wisdom of Ancient Egyptians”, “Egypt of the Pharaohs”, “Papyrus does not grow on a rock”, “The Body of God”, as well as more than 40 other academic publications, dedicated to problematics of linguistics, history and religion of Ancient Egypt. Prof. Ignatov holds a PhD in Egyptology from the St. Petersburg State University. During his academic career he held a fellowship at the All Souls College in the University of Oxford. Prof. Ignatov speaks Bulgarian, Russian, English, French, and also teaches Ancient Egyptian (Coptic), Assyro-Babylonian (Akkadian) and Ancient Greek. Prof. Sergei Ignatov serves as EHU Rector since March 1, 2018

The intensive program of the field school includes 60 hours of lectures in Russian and English on the culture of the Middle and New Kingdoms that will take place in museums (the open air museum in Memphis, the Egyptian Museum) and at the foot of the most significant cultural monuments of Ancient Egypt (the pyramid of Djoser, Unas, Teti, complex of pyramids in Giza — pyramids of Cheops, Chefren, Mykerinos, Old Cairo, Karnak and Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings, Funeral Temples, The Valley of the Queens , Deir el-Bahri). The unique author’s program of Prof. Ignatov includes not only the required lecture material, but also a detailed explanation of all the important monuments and inscriptions on them.

The preliminary participation cost of the school is 1120 euros. The price includes: flight, accommodation in hotels (4* and 5 *), meals, transfer and transport, entrance tickets to museums and monuments, an educational program. Here you can find the school program.

Registration of participants of the field school “Ancient Egypt: At the origins of European culture” is opened until November 1.

Preparatory lectures for the participants of the field school will begin in October at the National Museum of Lithuania and the European Humanities University.