Victor Martinovich

Victor Martinovich

Associate Professor

Academic Department of Humanities and Arts


PhD in Art Criticism Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts 2008

Teaching areas

Cultural Industries and Heritage; Intellectual Tradition of Europe: Saint Petersburg; Artefacts of Visual Design: Saint Petersburg

Research interests

Political and social sciences, media theory, history of Russian avant-garde with special focus on mediatisation of arts.


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Martinovich V. What made Vitebsk’s avant-garde: causes that created phenomena // Acta Academiae Artium Vilensis. 2007.

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Martinovich V. Mimetic and symbolic in Vitebsk’s myth about Chagall: logoepistems in autobiographical discourse. Collection of scientific works by Moscow state university, 2014.

Martinovich, V. (aut., scenar.). Best of the Fest and Best Narrative Doc awards for Shor film “Lake of Happiness” (dir. Aliaksei Paluyan, based on the novel of Victor Martinovich). 19th annual Nevada city film festival. 2019-08-23 – 2019-08-30.

Martinovich, V. (2020). Жизнь без смысла. In Сергей Селецкий. Жизнь без смысла (p. 20-62). Vilnius: Европейский гуманитарный университет.

Martinovich, V. (aut., kurat.). curator of the event Marathon “Location: Museum” from the side of Ganymed. Hermitage Youth Center. 2021-11-11.