Uladzislau Ivanou

Uladzislau Ivanou


Academic Department of Social Sciences


Master's degree in Political Sciences Strasbourg (France)

Teaching areas

Politics and Gender, Language and Thinking,Theories of Ethnicity and Nationalism, Theories of Democracy

Research interests

Political Sciences, Ethnology, Gender theory, European Studies, Political Philosophy, Sociolinguistics


1. Homosexuality in the programs and discourses of the leaders and ideologists of Belarusian pro-democratic political parties and movements (2000 -2012) // Квир-сексуальность: политики и практики (сост. и общ. ред. И. Соломатина, Т. Щурко. Минск: Галіяфы, 2014. 194 с.).
2. About women priests // Women in Politics: New Approaches to the Political, Prague, 2013, ISSN 1805-4935
3. About Belarusian influence to Viciebsk’s Old Believers // Journal “Палiтычная сфера” №10, 2008 с.102-107, ISSN 1819-3625
4. Feminization Nomina Agentis of the Belarusian Language and the Problem of Colonization // Journal “Палiтычная сфера” №16-17 2011, ISSN 1819-3625
5. Uladzislau Ivanou, Women and Gulag (directions to gender studies), Journal “TERRA HISTORICA”, № 1—2002
6. Language, Speech and Belarusian national identity // Journal “IfD focus”, 01/2008
7. Book – Feminization of the Belarusian Language, Leicester, 2012,, ISBN: 0956795106