The Government of Lithuania: EHU will continue its operations in Vilnius

On January 31 during the consultations of the Government of Lithuania, the Ministry of Education and Science has presented a draft decision on postponement of the revocation of the higher education license of the European Humanities University (EHU) by July 1, 2019. This decision would allow EHU to continue daily operations and to submit an application for the new license. It is expected that the new license could be provided to the University by the new AY 2018/19.

This year EHU operations will continue in accordance with the approved schedule: after the exam session students will return to begin the AY 2017/18 Spring Semester on March 1; EHU Graduation Ceremony will take place on June 29; applications for admissions to the undergraduate and graduate degree programs will be accepted by July 1.

The Governing Board of EHU welcomes constructive outcomes of the Government’s consultations, addressing further operations of the Belarusian University in Exile in Vilnius. EHU leadership will submit an application to Lithuanian authorities for the new higher education license.

“After the intense and constructive consultations with the Lithuanian authorities, the Governing Board acknowledges that today’s decision has been reached through a joint effort. We were assured that EHU’s application for the new license will be swiftly considered and thus the University will be able to continue operations in Vilnius. I am pleased that the Government suggested that the Ministry of Education and Science together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Eastern Europe Studies Centre will strengthen cooperation in the field of EHU’s research activities” – says Chair of the Governing Board Per Carlsen.

In order to settle the University status in Lithuania, in early January EHU leadership submitted a roadmap proposal to the Ministry of Education and Science, featuring an action plan for implementation of the recommendations of the institutional evaluation report.