On the results of the Governing Board meeting

On September 20-21, a meeting of the European Humanities University (EHU) Governing Board was held in Vilnius. During the meeting, a series of structural and strategic action lines were reviewed and approved.

The Governing Board welcomed two new members – Prof. Žaneta Ozoliņa (Latvia) and Dr. Megaklis Petmezas (Greece). The results of the 2018 Admissions Campaign and the state of affairs on the academic activities of the University were also presented. In addition, Governing Board members discussed the issues on the application for renewal of the higher education license, which was submitted by the University to the Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania.

At the meeting, the new organogram and the University structure were approved, in order to secure the continuous enhancement of the University operations. Registrar and Academic Development Unit were merged into the Academic Support Center. Chief of Academic Affairs Prof. Aliaksandr Kalbaska took a position of the Center Director. Questions related to the mobility of students, faculty and staff were transferred to the Communications and Development Unit. In addition, the Governing Board approved new tuition fees for Admissions 2019.