Assoc. Prof. Stsiapanau presents research on the nuclear waste management to the international academic community

On October 26-29 an annual meeting of the Society for History of Technology took place in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA). During the meeting Assoc. Prof. Andrei Stsiapanau of the European Humanities University Academic Department of Social Sciences has presented the outcomes of his research about the nuclear waste management in Russia.

Being a primary professional society for historians of technology established in 1958, SHOT annual meetings represent a convention of the researchers in history of technology, environmental history and STS. During these annual meetings leading scholars are contributing in the development of the comparative historical research of the relationship between technology and its environment, politics and society.   

Within the “Nuclear Danger” session Assoc. Prof. Andrei Stsiapanau has presented the paper “Nuclear waste as unclear legacy. How to classify and manage the nuclear energy uses in modern Russia?” assessing the case of the public hearings about underground waste disposal construction in Sosnovy Bor (Russia). Among major research avenues undertaken by Assoc. Prof. Stsiapanau are questions, how controversial are the definitions and uses of the nuclear waste and how uncertain the process of negotiations about the future of nuclear age in modern Russia. The afterwords discussions concerned mostly the political properties of the nuclear decision-making in Russia and the technological properties of the multi barrier protection of the underground nuclear waste disposal.