Assoc. Prof. Maxim Timofeev presented findings on Russia’s non-compliance with the ECHR during an international conference in Finland

On November 20-21 an international conference “Development of Russian Law X” took place under the auspices of the University of Helsinki. Among speakers of the conference – Assoc. Prof. Maxim Timofeev of the European Humanities University (EHU) Academic Department of Social Sciences.

Assoc. Prof. Timofeev has been involved in human rights training, in particular on issues of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) case law, for members of the bar in Russia and (as a Council of Europe international expert) in Ukraine and Azerbaijan. He has co-authored amicus curia briefs for the Russian Constitutional Court in relation to cases that concerned the execution of the ECtHR judgments.

During the conference Assoc. Prof. Timofeev presented a report “On Prisoners and Shareholders: The Russian Constitutional Court’s Mode of Non-Compliance with the European Court of Human Rights’ Judgments”.