Egor Isaev

Egor Isaev

Lecturer (visiting)

Academic Department of Social Sciences


AFA, Film Directing Moscow film school, Russian Federation 2019
M.A., Public History University of Manchester, UK 2013

Teaching areas

Digital Cinema; History of Cinema; History in Cinema; Screenwriting; Film Editing; Documentary Filmmaking

Research interests

Politics of memory; public history; history in media; digital cinema


Isaev, Egor. 2021. ‘Сinematography’. In All Things Past: Theory and Practice of Public History, edited by A. Zavadski and V. Dubina, 267-284. Moscow: Novoe Izdatel’stvo.

Isaev, Egor. 2020. ‘The Militarization of the Past in Russian Popular Historical Films’. In Ideology after Union. Political Doctrines, Discourses, and Debates in Post-Soviet Societies, edited by A. Etkind and M. Minakov, 237-250. Stuttgart: ibidem.

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Isaev, Egor. 2018. ‘Politics of Memory and Cinematography in Modern Russia: the October Revolution and the Civil War’. International Public History 2 (1): 1-4.


The Fronier, ’24 min. Documentary about a group of volunteers who try to pull Kharkiv native Anastasia out of a Russian detention center. Mediazona production (2021, produced by Egor Isaev).

Teens and Kittens, ’45 min. Documentary about teenagers and drug use in Moscow. At a time when adults turn a blind eye to this problem, a group of young people are self-organizing in order to help each other. Premiered on 16th Artdocfest in Moscow. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty production (2021, directed by Egor Isaev, produced by Mariya Gavrilova).

Stalking. First episode, ’80min. Documentary play about the problem of stalking and doxing in contemporary Russia. Created in the technique of headphone-verbatim. Theater.doc, Moscow (2021, play by Egor Isaev, staged by Vera Pirogova).

Zinc, ’24 min. Documentary about the coronavirus epidemic in Russia. At a time when the authorities are hiding the number of deaths during the pandemic, a young funeral director travels the country, burying the dead. Current Time TV production (2021, directed by Egor Isaev, produced by Alina Rudnitskaya)

Left one, ’22 min. Feature film about radical left activists in contemporary Russia. Premiered on 14th TiSFF in Thessaloniki. Postpictures production (2020, directed by Egor Isaev, produced by Anna Pyrova).

Run, ’23 min. Feature film about a young couple of drug dealers who recently moved to Moscow from the provinces. Premiered on 30th Kinotavr, Sochi. Postpictures production (2019, directed by Egor Isaev, produced by Ivan Bocharov).

Rite, ’31 min. Documentary about a funeral agent who is trying to overcome the criminality of the market and build his business in a legal way. Premiered on 19th Flaertiana, Perm. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty production (2018, directed by Egor Isaev, produced by Mariya Gavrilova).

Isaev, Egor, Komogorova, Maria . 2018. ‘The Reflection of War: Cultural Trauma in Post-Yugoslavian cinema’. International Journal of Cultural Studies 30 (1): 220-230.

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