‘University without Borders’: EHU launches resilience-building project

In Academic Year 2020/21, the European Humanities University (EHU) launches the project “University without Borders: Promoting Democratic Values and Dealing with Disinformation through Online Education” thanks to the support provided by the Government of the United States through the Emerging Donors Challenge Program and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, acting on behalf of the Government of Lithuania. The project will be run the EHU Department of Social Sciences.

The aim of the project is to develop the ability of societies to resist modern disinformation by improving political, legal, and media literacy through increased accessibility to higher education based on innovative teaching methods with a special focus on the development of critical thinking.

During the implementation of the project, it is expected to modernize courses in political sciences, law, media and communication, and gender studies. The courses will be equipped with innovative online teaching methods, practice-oriented interactive online modules with a focus on democracy, civic engagement, human rights, and media literacy. The focal point of the project is also the faculty members of the University, Belarus, and the neighboring countries that will be able to enhance their competences in teaching and learning online for personal development and growth.