The book by Andrei Matsuk received the award of the XXXI competition “Przegląda Wschodniego” for publications published abroad

Published in 2023 with the support of EHU, the book by the Belarusian historian, employee of the Center for Belarusian and Regional Studies of the Department of Humanities and Arts Andrei Matsuk «Pavyatovyya sojmіkі ў sacyyal’na-palіtychnym zhyccі Vyalіkaga Knyastva Lіtoўskaga (1697-1764)» received the award of the XXXI competition «Przegląda Wschodniego» («Eastern Outlook») for publications published abroad

«Przegląd Wschodni» is a prestigious scientific journal on the history and culture of Eastern and Central Europe, as well as Russia from the Middle Ages to the present, published by the Center for Eastern Europe of the University of Warsaw. The editor-in-chief of the publication is the famous historian and political scientist, Professor Jan Malitsky. Since 1993, Przegląd Wschodni has been awarding historians for the greatest achievements and the most thorough scientific works from all over the world on the history of Eastern and Central Europe. The commission recognizing the award consists of well-known Polish scientists such as: Jan Malicki, Dorota Janiszewska-Jakubiak, Lukasz Kaminski, Gelena Krasowska, Andrzej Rahuba, etc. In 2023, the award was recognized to the Belarusian historian Andrei Matsuk for a book that was prepared in 2020, but was published only thanks to the support of EHU.

In previous years, famous historians Gennady Saganovich, David Frick, Natalia Yakovenko, Yaroslav Gritsak, Orlando Figes, Mathias Neindorf, Nikolai Krikun, Natalia Starchenko, Theodore Weeks, Marek Jan Khodakevich, Sergey Plokhy, Timothy Snyder and others were among the laureates of the award.

The book can be found in the EHU library.