Invitation to Tender to the Executive Recruitment Company

EHU is seeking an experienced International Executive Recruitment company to assist in the recruitment of candidates for the position of Rector

European Humanities University (EHU) provides students from Belarus and the region with a liberal education in a free and democratic environment. EHU was founded in Minsk in 1992. Since 2006 EHU has operated in exile in Vilnius with the status of a European Union-based private non-profit university accredited by the Government of Lithuania. Adhering to Bologna Process principles and occupying an important intellectual space in the geographical and intellectual transition zone between Eastern and Western Europe, EHU is committed to humanities and liberal arts education as the essential foundation for the civic and professional lives of citizens and for the development of inclusive and creative democratic societies.

Professional qualities and personal capabilities of the Rector should meet the requirements described in the specific description of profile.  Full description will be provided to the successful company. One of the necessary requirements for a candidate is that he/she must have a long experience of living and working in European Union countries, or either in Belarus or Ukraine.

Requirements for the recruitment company:

  • At least 15 years experience in the international executive recruitment area;
  • Trusted International Experts from European Union countries;
  • Use of Executive Search methodology (executive level assessment methodology;
  •  Taking full project leadership – from finding and attracting the right candidates to the
    assistance with signing of the employment contract;
  • Providing a detailed timeline for the Recruitment process, according to EHU inner
  • The company should be certified according to ISO 10667-2.

The timeline for the tender:

2024.04.02 – Publication of this Invitation to Tender

2024.04.17 – Deadline for tender submission to EHU

2024.04.22 – Tender evaluation period

2024.04.23 – Shortlisted suppliers informed

2024.04.30 – Consultations with Shortlisted suppliers

2024.05.03 – Internal approval

2024.05.15 – Tender outcome and signing of the Contract

The deadline for the bidders to submit their tender proposition: April 17, 2024.

Propositions should be submitted to or via procurement solutions platform

The timeline for the Candidate search process is detailed in the “Rules of Procedure for the Recruitment of the Rector of the Public Institution European Humanities University”, approved by decision of the General Assembly of Part-Owners of EHU on February 29, 2024.

More detailed information is provided in the document.