The extension of the deadline for registration for the International Student Conference. Applications will be accepted until May 22

Dear students! We would like to remind you that the annual International Student Conference “Europe 2024: Challenges and Opportunities through the Eyes of Future Professionals” is fast approaching within the walls of the European Humanities University

Date: May 28-29, 2024

Location: EHU Campus (Room 110). Online participation is also available.

The upcoming event is focused on the exploration and development of new approaches to addressing pressing issues in the field of social sciences: political science, law, economics, media and communication, sociology, gender studies, psychology, and informatics. Additionally, students in the field of arts are welcome to use the opportunity to present their work for a wider audience. Thus, the conference will unfold as an interdisciplinary platform, providing a unique opportunity to showcase original scientific or artistic works and to exchange ideas and experiences with international colleagues from Central and Eastern European countries. While English will serve as the primary language, we embrace multilingualism and accept submissions in Belarusian, Ukrainian, and Polish languages.

“Europe 2024: Challenges and Opportunities through the Eyes of Future Professionals” is a space for the convergence and unity of minds, the crystallization and proclamation of ideas, where each of you, in a friendly and stimulating environment, can establish connections, share your endeavors, challenge conventional wisdom, and chart a course towards a new and better future.

We are delighted to announce the extension of the deadline for participant registration until May 22, 2024. Registration is available via registration form.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this landmark event! Embark on an exciting journey of academic research and creative activity, where the future of science and art awaits your personal contribution, capable of catalyzing change.

Call for Abstracts

We encourage contributions and presentations which relate to the theme of the conference. Topics from various scientific disciplines and fields of interest are welcome. Please submit your abstracts of your presentations at the conference (up to 500 words) in the provided registration form

Registration deadline: May 22, 2024

There will be an additional opportunity to submit a short publication based on your presentation for a collection of materials of the Students’ conference. Submitted articles shall conform to the criteria for publications that are provided below. The deadline for submission of fully edited articles is June 30, 2024.

Requirements for scientific articles:

  • at least three keywords;
  • 10,000 – 15,000 characters (without gaps);

The paper should follow this basic structure: 

  • Purpose/Objectives;
  • Methodology/Approach;
  • Findings/Results;
  • Conclusion;
  • References.

Overall structure, references and bibliography should follow the requirements of APA 7th edition, including: 

  • page margin – 2,54 (1 inch) from each side of the page;
  • line spacing – single;
  • font – 12 pt Times New Roman.

Call for Artistic works

We encourage contributions  which relate to the theme of the Conference. Please submit your applications in the provided registration form

Registration deadline: May 22, 2024

The following artistic works can be presented during the Conference:

  • Photo series from 5 to 10 works;
  • Posters up to 5 works;
  • Video art/Animation up to 1 minute

Description of the concept: up to 300 words.

At the application stage, creative works are provided in digital format.

Files must meet the following requirements:

  • Image size 1500 pixels on the long side;
  • Images must be saved in jpg format, with resolution 72 dpi, and sRGB color system;
  • Description of the concept is provided in docx format. (no more than 300 words)

Basic requirements for work:

  • compliance with the theme of the conference;
  • presence of a description of the concept;
  • originality in the interpretation of the theme in the visual part and content;
  • high level of graphic culture;
  • poster format A1
  • VideoArt avi format, H.264 codec

Upon positive consideration of the application for participation: the work must be physically available and ready for exposure if necessary printed and formatted.

We eagerly await your applications!

For any questions or inquiries, please contact