Call for Civil Society Organizations: Science-Shop Initiative at EHU

Civil society organizations and initiatives are invited to submit their project requests to the Science-Shop at EHU. Science-Shop is a joint initiative of European Humanities University and Central European University aimed at increasing non-profit organizations’ and civil society groups’ access to research and to strengthen the commitment of our students and faculty to civic engagement.

According to the Science-Shop plan, the work on projects will be arranged in the following way. Civil society organizations submit their project requests to the Science-Shop at EHU. Science-Shop managers address submitted requests to the EHU faculty, who deliver project-oriented courses in the spring semester. A common meeting of civil society organizations, EHU faculty and students is delivered for the sake of matchmaking. After that, the students submit their proposals according to the list of requests by civil society organizations. The representatives of civil society organizations, together with Science-Shop managers, select the most sustainable proposals and begin the work on projects, delivered within EHU courses.

Thus, the key idea of Science-Shop is to provide civil society organizations with research and project support, delivered in accordance with to the capacities of students as young professionals. Selected on a competitive basis, projects will be carried out from March to July, 2022.

Science-Shop at EHU offers you:

  • mediation and networking between students and civil society organizations;
  • organization of civic society fairs at EHU;
  • academic support and expertise in real-life concerns of civil society;
  • reimbursement of project-related expenses.

List of some of the courses delivered in the Spring Semester, 2022:

  • Annual Projects in Visual Design;
  • Annual Project in European Heritage;
  • Cities and Digitalization;
  • Civic Engagement;
  • Civic Participation and Social Movements;
  • Development Policies and Strategies of International Organizations;
  • Gender, Society, Culture;
  • Law and Technologies;
  • Methodology of Media Studies;
  • Museum Research;
  • Mythologization of Museum Objects;
  • Political Communication;
  • Second Year Seminar: Introduction to Social Science;
  • Social Practices: The Problems of Interpretation;
  • Sociology.

Please submit your project requests via the form. Deadline for submission: December 6, 2021.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Science Shop managers, Kseniya Shtalenkova and Natalia Mikhailova via