Сonference “The Decolonization of Education and Research in Belarus and Ukraine: Theoretical Challenges and Practical Tasks” – Call for proposals

A conference “The Decolonization of Education and Research in Belarus and Ukraine: Theoretical Challenges and Practical Tasks” jointly organized by the European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania), the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv, Ukraine), and Charles University (Czech Republic, Prague) will be held in Vilnius on 28-30 September.

This conference intends to conduct relevant interdisciplinary discussions and theoretical clarifications of the conditions for, and specific sense of, applying the concept of decolonization to Belarusian and Ukrainian societies.

This conference’s practical focus is to answer the question: How exactly is decolonization to be achieved in education and in humanistic and social science research?

The following issues are proposed for discussion at the conference:

  • Results and lessons from postcolonial research in Belarus and Ukraine
  • Ukrainian pre-war experience in the decolonization of education and research
  • Decommunization, de-Sovietization, decolonization
  • Subaltern experience as the new “meeting point” across old regional divisions, from Central Asia to Central Europe
  • The end of “post-Sovietism” and the recentering of East European studies
  • Decolonization, nation-building, Europeanization – intersections and paradoxes
  • Decolonization in school education: the creation of a national canon and the cosmopolitan perspective
  • The university as a platform and engine of decolonization
  • The objectives of decolonization and regional cooperation
  • The phenomenon of self-colonization in scholarly research: Eastern and Western versions
  • Overcoming the “post-Soviet” paradigm and the prospects for Belarusian and Ukrainian research in the global context

The conference will include discussions, thematic panels, and working groups.

Proposals will be accepted for:

  • the organization of thematic panels
  • the organization of discussions
  • individual paper presentations

Working languages: Belarusian, English, and Ukrainian

To participate in the conference as a presenter or as an organizer of panels or discussions, it is necessary to fill out this online form.

Deadline for applications: July 15, 2023

Conference participants, if they require it, are eligible to receive financial support (a travel grant of 400 Euro) to take part in the conference.

There are plans to prepare a special issue of the journal Topos based on conference proceedings.

All questions related to the conference can be sent to the e-mail address:

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