In May and October 2013, the EHU Center for German Studies invited renowned scholars from Germany to address the legacy of German philosophical thought and present guest lectures within the framework of Agora Baltica. The lectures by Prof. Bernhard Waldenfels (Ruhr University Bochum) and Prof. Christoph Jamme (University of Lüneburg) were followed by joint discussions with colleagues from Vilnius and Minsk.

Agora Baltica with Prof. Bernhard Waldenfels

Video of the lecture by Prof. Bernhard Waldenfels on The Phenomenology of Attention
Video of public discussion on Political Normalization with Prof. Bernhard Waldenfels, Prof. Mintautas Gutauskas (VU), and Assoc. Prof. Olga Shparaga (EHU)

Agora Baltica with Prof. Christoph Jamme

Video of lecture by Prof. Christoph Jamme on The Legacy of German Idealism and the Rise of Academic Aesthetics
Video of public discussion: Beyond the Ivory Tower? Contemporary Philosophy Between Speculative Thinking and Practical Knowledge with Prof. Christoph Jamme (University of Lüneburg) and Prof. Anatoli Mikhailov (EHU), moderated by Dr. Felix Ackermann (EHU Center for German Studies)

Agora Baltica is conducted in partnership with EHU Mediahub, Vilnius University’s Department of Philosophy, EHU’s Center for Philosophical Anthropology Topos, and the Lithuanian Association of Philosophy, with the support of the German Embassy in Vilnius.