Rules and Regulations

  1. Current members of European Humanities University (students and employees) are automatically registered in the EHU Library (on the basis of admission order or a relevant document and University information system data).
  2. Only the members of EHU (students, staff, foreign students and visiting faculty, those coming on exchange programs and the like) are granted the privilege to borrow books and other materials.
  3. All Library users should comply with the European Humanities University library rules and regulations. Library users admitted to the use of the Library services automatically agree with the Library rules and regulations.
  4. Valid identification document (student’s card, ISIC, residence permit, passport, new edition driver’s license) is used for identification of a person in the Library information system.
  5. Book borrowing is subject to a deposit (15 EUR or 20 USD).
  6. The number of books a user can borrow depends on his/her status (high residence student, low residence student, MA student, PhD student, faculty etc.).
  7. The Library lends its items (books and other materials) for a period from one night to one year. Items from the Library’s Reading room can be borrowed for a night or 3 days, Items from Loans can be borrowed for a period from two weeks to one year.
  8. Any user who fails to return the item on due date is liable to a fine. The fine is calculated depending on the loan period for each item individually.
  9. Users must check their personal patron account for due dates and fines, and if necessary and not restricted, renew their loan period via internet. Users also can contact Library staff for information on due dates and fines and for renewing their loan period.
  10. Those graduating from the University, students, who canceled their studies, finished their exchange period etc., and employees, who terminated their work contract with EHU, must settle up with the Library (sign their Clearance form).
  11. In cases where the item (book or other document) of the Library is lost or damaged beyond repair, a user may be required to replace it with the same title or to provide a good quality copy of the item in compliance with the Law on Copyright and Related rights or to replace a damaged or lost item with the item of the same value specified by the Library staff in charge, or to compensate the damage done (triple price at the moment of replacement).