Prof. Oleg Bresky elected new Senate Chair

Photo: Kilimas Arts

In the result of the online vote of the European Humanities University (EHU) Senate members, new Chair was elected  faculty member of the Academic Department of Social Sciences Prof. Oleg Bresky.

According to the EHU Senate Regulations, Chair is elected for a 3-years term. Given the ending of the Professor Emeritus Ryhor Miniankou mandate as the Senate Chair, new elections took place. Since 2014 EHU Senate operates under the Oxbridge model, thus being an academic self-governing body, composed of all faculty members, employed at 0.75 FTE or more workload, 5 student representatives and 4 management representatives. Currently there are 45 members of the Senate. There were two candidates, running for the Senate Chair position — Assoc. Prof. Andrei Stsiapanau and Prof. Oleg Bresky. 43 members of the Senate participated in the voting. Prof. Bresky received 26 votes, Assoc. Prof. Stsiapanau — 16. One ballot was recognised invalid.

Prof. Oleg Bresky defended his PhD in Law at the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2001 and works at EHU since 2009. His courses include: “EU Consistutional Law”. “EU External Relations Law”, “History of Law Teachings” and other courses of the International Law and EU Law study program, as well as Core Curriculum courses “Language and Thinking”, and “First Year Seminar: Introduction to Humanities”. In 2012-2017 Prof. Bresky served as Head of the Academic Department of Law.

The new Chair will assume office starting from the next Senate meeting, scheduled for December 21.