EHU Rector Prof. Sergei Ignatov: “We will put all efforts in order to strengthen the academic tradition of humanities at EHU”

Photo: Kilimas Arts

On March 2, the new Rector of the European Humanities University (EHU) Prof. Sergei Ignatov met the University students, faculty and staff.

In his introductory remarks to the academic community Prof. Sergei Ignatov expressed confidence that the upcoming mutual cooperation will be fruitful for strengthening independent way of EHU development as well as for reinforcement of cohesion of the University community.  

During the meeting with students Prof. Ignatov stressed the outstanding role of humanities in overcoming challenges of contemporary world, along with technical and IT education: “The value of humanities is increasing because in our time the world needs visionaries who are able to look ahead and anticipate problems that the mankind will face in 20-30 years. Such people will predetermine the life of subsequent generations”.

During the meeting, Prof. Ignatov stressed the importance of the University as a unified community, and noted that the key feature of a successful university is independence of choice of disciplines and lecturers. Prof. Ignatov also drew particular attention to the European historical phenomenon of studium generale, whereby researchers are accepted into the scientific community not on a geographical basis, but due to their academic aspirations, what destroys ethnic and national boundaries in an unprecedented manner. “If we are faithful followers of the bedrock University system, we must continue the struggle for academic independence, alongside with creation of opportunities for every student, lecturer and staff member to feel himself as a part of our unique University community”, the EHU Rector concluded.

Rector Prof. Ignatov held a Q&A discussion with students, faculty and staff regarding new horizons of academic and administrative development of EHU, and also regarding further strengthening of EHU’s impact on Belarus and beyond.

In 2009-2013 Prof. Sergei Ignatov served as Bulgaria’s Minister of Education. Earlier in 2002-2009 Prof. Ignatov served as Rector of Bulgaria’s leading private University – the New Bulgarian University. In accordance with the decision of the General Assembly of Part-Owners of EHU Prof. Ignatov was appointed as EHU Rector starting from March 1, 2018.