EHU celebrated the centenary of the Belarusian People’s Republic in the Old Town of Vilnius

Photo: Kilimas Arts

On March 26, the European Humanities University (EHU) held series of events, which were dedicated to the centenary of the independence of the Belarusian People’s Republic (BPR).

At the beginning of the last week of March, EHU opened the doors of its new Campus in the Old Town in Vilnius to the community and friends of the University in honour of the centenary of the BPR. The commemoration was opened with a welcoming addresses by EHU Chief of Academic Affairs Prof. Aliaksandr Kalbaska and lecturer Siarhej Chareuski.

“The Unknown BPR” exhibition was presented, which first edition has been exposed in London and Prague by EHU in 2013-2014. Assoc. Prof. Yury Bachyshcha reported about the ways of the data collection in the archives of Vilnius, and highlighted the contribution of the EHU community in the seeking and preparation of the information, particularly EHU Alumnus Juri Jurkevitš.

Besides, EHU lecturer Siarhej Chareuski, Assoc. Prof. Yury Bachyshcha and Assoc. Prof. Ina Sorkina released a joint monograph “By ways of BPR” and the guide-book by Andrei Charniakevich “A walk through the Belarusian Hrodna”. A lecturer of the Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) Dr. Tomasz Błaszczak presented his book “Belarusians in the Republic of Lithuania in 1918-1940”.

Within the framework of the event, a creative group of EHU students presented the second issue of the “Vostraŭ” almanac. The students did not only acquaint the participants with the concept of the almanac, but also published the new issue during their presentation.

After the presentation, an EHU lecturer Dr. Uladzislau Ivanou delivered a public lecture “Gender-sensitive BPR”. He came out with the life story of a BPR Minister, a signer of the BPR’s Chapter, a writer and translator Paluta Badunova.

At the close of the event, priest of the Vilnius St. Bartholmew parish Andrei Kviatsinski OFM gave a final address to the participants.