English language

EHU students have intensive English language courses during the first two years of study.

Foreign language is a challenge that has always has been a key problem for humanities. It is not only necessary for students to exercise their professional life in a multilingual world, but is also essential to accessing cultural meaning through the spoken and written word – the doorways to interdisciplinary and international understanding and knowledge. The basis of foreign language courses in EHU should be a strategy “to write, to read, to speak ,” and vice versa , “to speak, to read, to write ,” which will provide access to humanities texts in foreign languages, where the primary role today belongs to the English language.

Regardless of the level of language proficiency at the time of enrollment, EHU students have the opportunity to improve their English language skills by two levels up within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Besides, EHU students have a chance to practice their English during regular international meetings, educational events with the participation of foreign specialists, and also communicating with students of exchange programs. Starting from the third year of studies, part of the EHU courses are taught in English, which allows students to expand their usage of a foreign language in academic and professional contexts.

Additionally, the English language for special purposes is included in the curriculum. In these courses, the students get a deeper insight into the professional terminology. The knowledge of specific professional English terms makes EHU students more competitive on the international labor market.