Study Quality

The main tool of study quality assurance is feedback provided by the academic community. Study quality is measured by using different questionnaires.

Student surveys are conducted twice a year by Student Services Unit both for distance learning and on-campus students, and for the first and second cycle students. This Survey provides information on programs, courses, quality of teaching, material resources, evaluation of administrative work, and student satisfaction with the social activities provided, the psychological climate, and their studies at the University.

Though regular student surveys were conducted since AY 2009–2010, starting in AY 2012–2013, student questionnaires and survey methodology were revised and adapted to new requirements for quality assurance. This step is intended to improve student awareness of the evaluation process and to find ways to overcome problems and difficulties of completion.

A feedback loop should also ensure that the majority of students will participate in the surveys, will understand the value of them, and will commit themselves to a quality culture.

Beginning from the AY 2012–2013, reports on “Assessment of Teaching Quality and Quality of Study Process” are developed.

Heads of departments are obligated to provide feedback to teachers once a year during Annual Performance Appraisal procedure.

Click on the links to view student questionnairestudent survey report for 2013–2014, and summary of the report.