Steps to Quality Assurance

EHU is in the process of developing a Quality Management System (QMS). Quality assurance is still a recent objective for EHU and we are seeking to master adopting the best practice in developing and implementing the QMS at our University.

In 2009 EHU was accredited by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education of the Lithuanian Republic (SKVC) (Institutional review report available at the website of SKVC). Following recommendations of the SKVC, EHU has developed a number of quality management tools, which aim at pursuing the quality culture at the University to ensure the highest teaching and learning, and reserch standards.

In the period 2009–2011 the position of Specialist for Quality Control was established to develop a quality assurance system and the Quality Council was established to address quality assurance issues. Concept Development and Implementation of Quality Management System at the European Humanities University (2010) was created (see: Quality-Related Documents).

EHU has recently developed a clear and accurate concept of Quality Management System. Quality objectives, defined in the European Humanities University Vision 2019: A Strategic Plan for Academic Years 2012 – 2019, provide the following direction for the University’s Quality Management System:

  1. Cultivation of the culture of quality.
  2. Preparation and implementation of a package of necessary quality-management-related documents in all spheres. Tasks of this objective:
  • Documents on quality policy and quality objectives;
  • Quality Manual;
  • Documented procedures;
  • Documents assuring productive planning, completion, and management processes (the Strategic Planning and Control Group was established to develop a policy of planning and control).
  1. Development of a system of clearly defined measures and means for improvement of quality management (Key Performance Indicators (KPI).