Maxim Timofeev

Maxim Timofeev

Associate Professor

Academic Department of Social Sciences


PhD in Law Moscow State Academy of Law, Russia 2005

Teaching areas

Public international law; International human rights law; European non-discrimination law

Research interests

Human rights law; Comparative constitutional law; Public international law; Jurisprudence


Books / Chapters in books (Russian language)

1. Summaries of the Judgments Delivered by the European Court of Human Rights in Russian Cases: 2002–2011 (Moscow, ‘Justice’ Publishing House, 2012) (co-authored with D. Gaidukov);

2. ‘Proving Discrimination’ in Protecting an Individual from Discrimination: a Teacher’s Methodological Guide (Moscow, New Justice, 2009) at 41-47;

3. Ombudsman Institutions in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland: An Essay on Cooperative Style of Control (Moscow, New Justice, 2006);

Articles (Russian language)

4. ‘Janowiec and Others v. Russia: Katyn Tragedy in the Procrustean Bed of Judicial Decisions’ (2013) International Justice Journal 4(8) at 4-10;

5. ‘Sabanchiyeva, Maskhadova, and Others: The Strategic Choice of the European Court of Human Rights’ (2013) International Justice Journal 3(7) at 4-9;

6. ‘The Burial of One’s Relatives and the Right to Respect for Private and Family Life in the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights’ (2013) International Justice Journal 2(6) at 12-24.