Laboratory of Critical Urbanism

The European Humanities University’s (EHU) Laboratory of Critical Urbanism aims at conducting research, organizing events, and creating the context for publications on urbanism as the urban environment research and programming practices. The results of the Laboratory’s activities are integrated into the courses offered at the University and into the extramural initiatives. Conceptually, the activities of the Laboratory can be subdivided into three topics.

Media and space:

  • critical cartographies
  • studying and programming urban surfaces
  • representing urban space through various forms of visual experience
  • city and digital culture
  • interventionalism

Localized creative industries:

  • research into forms and regimes of the space capitalization
  • studying and programming the spatial configurations of the cultural sector
  • “soft” urban planning
  • studying “urban art”
  • cultural production and rescaling the state governance

Transborder urbanism:

  • studying the role of border regimes in the process of space production
  • urban/rural anthropology of globalization
  • studying the spatial aspects of transnationalism
  • analyzing the glocal city
  • studying the spatial preconditions and effects of the international migration

Initiatives implemented by the Laboratory in 2012:

  • Organizing a section on “Cultural Industries and Urban Culture” at the annual student conference
  • Project coordination and organizing the summer school—“City, Language, Identity”—supported by LitPro
  • Participation in the Litpro’s project “Street Art: Theory and Practice”


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  • Siarhei Liubimau. Urban Studies and the Issue of Innovations // International Journal of Political Studies. Belarusian Political Science Review. 2011. № 1. Vytautas Magnus University Press. P. 242-250.

Laboratory Staff:

  • Siarhei Liubimau – Director, Ph.D.
  • Ben Cope – Staff, Ph.D.

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