Center for Philosophical Anthropology Topos

The Center for Philosophical Anthropology Topos was established in 1996. The research work of the Center is grounded in the tradition of phenomenology and is aimed at the multi-aspect inquiry into the phenomenon of “being-one-with-the-other” and the experience of otherness.

The activities of the Center include:

  • organizing research seminars and conferences
  • publishing the journal Topos on philosophy and cultural studies (founded in 2000)
  • publishing the book series Conditio humana (founded in 2002)

The current research work of the Center stipulates interdisciplinary interaction with other social sciences and humanities (psychology, pedagogy, sociology, and social anthropology), and is implemented in the following three major areas.

  • Аsymmetric intersubjective relations: anthropologic foundations and social practices
  • Philosophy and psychotherapy
  • Progress in biotechnologies and philosophical and ethical problems

Initiatives implemented by the Center in 2013

  • International interdisciplinary seminar on the interpretation of the book Zollikon Seminars by Martin Heidegger (Vilnius)
  • Interdisciplinary seminar and conference The Emotional Self: New Psychological Discourses and Practices of Subjectivation (Minsk)
  • International interdisciplinary conference The Existential Interpretation of Being Human in Philosophy and Psychology: Validity and Topicality. On Occasion of the 200th Anniversary of Kierkegaard’s Birth

More about the Center (in Russian and English).

Director of the Center:
Prof. Tatiana Shchyttsova, Ph.D.