International study quality assessment is held at EHU

The international expert assessment of Lithuanian research activity was held. Over 60 foreign experts evaluate 30 national research and study institutions, including the European Humanities University (EHU).

The assessment is aimed to create preconditions for the international competitiveness of Lithuanian science, as well as for the study quality as an initial part of science. In order to represent EHU research potential in different scientific fields, two Evaluation units, which are the main formations for expert evaluation procedure, were created. The Evaluation unit of Humanities carries out evaluation of research activity in the fields of history and philosophy. The Evaluation unit of Social sciences conducts an evaluation of a research activity in the fields of law, sociology, politics, economics, psychology, communication and information.

Meetings with the Evaluation units took place in the new EHU Campus in the Vilnius Old Town on September 13 with the expert group on Humanities, as well as on September 19 with the expert group on Social sciences. During the meetings, experts analyzed EHU field of activities, its specifics as well as implementation of research activities in different fields of Humanities and Social sciences. In order to build a complete picture on the research activities, experts had conversations with specific target groups – University Leadership, researchers and PhD students. Also the expert group had a short tour through the University premises.

The results of the Lithuanian research activity evaluation are expected to be revealed in late October – early November 2018.