Campus Europae

Campus Europae (CE) is a project of the European University Foundation designed to strengthen and accelerate the development of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) by establishing examples of concrete cooperation.

EHU and other participating universities operating in various European countries are creating a new dimension of collaboration that will exceed the current degree of international cooperation among universities with respect to both intensity and quality. In the long term, this planned new form of cooperation will render obsolete present-day bilateral agreements by incorporating them into large-scale agreements. It will be characterized by more intensive attention to student needs and will internationalize participating universities in general.

CE aims to foster understanding among the various cultures represented by the members of the European University Foundation network, to intensify student exchange among members of the European University Foundation Campus Europae, and to increase the capacity and quality of education, training, and research at participating universities.

Preparing for a year or two abroad with CE is similar to going abroad with the ERASMUS Programme as far as deadlines and procedures are concerned. The added advantages of moving within the CE network of universities are:

  • Two Years, Two Languages. An opportunity to acquire language skills through online and intensive language courses that will allow for successful pursuit of studies abroad–and to go abroad a second year and learn a second language!
  • Recognition of Studies. Campus Europae has an individualised quality assurance system that ensures the automatic recognition of the credits earned abroad.
  • CE Degree. The CE-Certificate recognizes outstanding exchange students that have been academically successful and have a sound knowledge of the language and culture of their host country.
  • CE students spend a considerable time abroad before they receive a degree from their home university. CE students who spend two years abroad in two different countries, demonstrate sufficient knowledge of local languages, and have earned 45 ECTS credits per year abroad, are eligible for a CE Degree, which is noted at the foot of the transcript of a student’s academic record provided by the host university.
  • Students who spend only one year abroad and fulfil CE’s other requirements are entitled to a CE Certificate.

For more information about Campus Europae opportunities at EHU, please see here or contact EHU Academic Development Unit.